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From family to relationships to race, we all have different factors which contribute to our overall identity. Blackish explores the complexity of Identity, whether it be how one identifies themselves, or how their identity is perceived by others. Tyrone's poetry explores the complexities of the different aspects that make up ones self, prompting others to think on what makes them them.

"These are poems for people. People with hearts. People who remember their first times. People who've tried to figure out their place in the world. And people who've maybe seen a Star Wars movie or two."
- Jacob Sam-La Rose

"Tyrone writes with a truth and detail that I love soaked in an intelligence and hope that we all surely need”.
- Polar Bear

"Tyrone has a genius way of choosing the right words & phrases to touch people. Tyrone makes you laugh and think in equal amounts. He’s funny. He’s real, He’s my Son, and he’s Awesome!!! Tyrone IS Blackish."
- Caz Ann Moy (My Mum)


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